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> click here to download pdf illustrated checklist from White Flag Library exhibition, with essay by Sam Korman

> ". . . but the clouds. . ." critics pick in

> interview with Mr. Bob Nickas in current issue of Mousse Magazine

> my post is up on

> "Sweet Distemper" in New Yorker July 23, 2012, and

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Broadway Morey Boogie
September 17 2014 - 1 April 2015
my sculpture: Broadway & 117th Street, New York City
full exhibition on Broadway from 166th Street to Columbus Circle

> click here to download press release with map

Mixed Doubles
organized by Ryan Steadman
Derek Fordjour, Ethan Greenbaum, Becky Kolsrud, Gina Magid, Adam Marnie, Andy Meerow, Davina Semo, Annette Wehrhahn, Hannah Whitaker
7 March - 15 April 2015
39 Lispenard St. 2nd floor
open by appointment, email:

David Flaugher and Davina Semo
7 February - 8 March 2015, open Sundays and by appt.
U.S. Blues, Brooklyn, NY
29 Ash St. Suite 105, Brooklyn, NY 11222

solo project 22 January - 8 February 2015
Rawson Projects
221 Madison Street New York 10002

>click here to download pdf of illustrated text that accompanies the exhibition.
>click here to see images

Artgenève 2015 Booth B30
Ryan Foerster, Charles Harlan, Zak Kitnick, Viktor Kopp, Erik Lindman, David Malek, Davina Semo, Pierre Vadi
29.01.2015 - 01.02.2015, Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland

curated by Regina Rex
Opening reception Dec. 1, 2014, 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.
through 7 December 2014, Emerson Dorsch Gallery, 151 NW 24 St, Suite A, Miami FL 33127

Another, Once Again, Many Times More
Four parts curated by: Walead Beshty and Kelley Walker; Carol Bove; Ryan Foerster; Bob Nickas and Virginia Overton
12 July - 1 September 2014
Martos Gallery summer location: 12395 Main Road, East Marion, NY

The Optical Unconscious / Das Optische Unbewusste
curated by Fredi Fischli, Bob Nickas, Niels Olsen
4 June - 10 August 2014
Alte Fabrik, Gebert Stiftung Fur Kultur, and Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil, Switzerland

Daniel Heidkamp, Alex Hubbard, Emil Michael Klein, Damian Navarro, Davina Semo
22 May -22 July 2014
Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland

solo exhibition
Ribordy Contemporary, 20 March 2014 - 10 May 2014
Geneva, Switzerland

> click here for images

Sculpture I: Arcangelo Sassolino, Morgane Tschiember, Wilfredo Prieto, Cajsa Von Ziepel, Tony Matelli, Davina Semo
Galerie Rolando Anselmi, 28 February - 30 March 2014
Berlin, Germany

Aaron Bobrow, Daniel Lefcourt, Davina Semo
Andrea Rosen Gallery 2, February 1 - March 8, 2014
544 West 24th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)

solo exhibition at Marlborough Chelsea

11 January - 15 February 201, 545 West 25th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)

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> click here for past exhibitions continued


Marlborough Chelsea, New York

Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva